Ray Villalobos

Senior Staff Author


Ray Villalobos

Twitter: @planetoftheweb

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/instructors/832401

Blog: http://raybo.org

Bio: Ray Villalobos is a full-stack design/development teacher and a full-time author at Microsoft/LinkedInLearning. His courses are focused on front-end design and development topics such as JavaScript, AngularJS, and Sass, plus frameworks like Bootstrap and tools that will make you a faster, more effective, and efficient developer. He has a clear and practical teaching style and will help you improve your skills through real-world exercises and projects. Previously, as a director of multimedia for Entravision Communications, Ray managed a network of radio and TV station websites on the East Coast. He also designed large newspaper sites and created interactive projects/games for the Tribune network of newspapers. You can reach him through any social network @planetoftheweb or check out his personal blog at http://raybo.org.

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  1. What's new in Bootstrap 4

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