Eric Nograles

Digital Architect

Appirio Digital Studios

Eric Nograles

Twitter: @grales



Bio: In his 14+ years in the technology industry, Eric treats software as a passion and craft that can always be refined and improved. He possesses a unique perspective of all facets of software development and operations. From support to technical architecture/leadership, scrappy startups to Fortune 50 companies, and small scale to web scale, Eric's career mission has been to experience and excel in these different perspectives in order to become a better, well-rounded technologist and person. While he strives for technical excellence individually, Eric also possesses a passion for helping others in their software journey. He recognizes that the technology world moves at a dizzying pace and seeks to aid people in adjusting to and enjoying this craft, regardless of their existing skill level. To that end, he regularly presents, blogs, and aids on different technologies and their benefits. He is also a co-organizer of the ReactJS Tampa Bay meetup group. His primary belief is that contributing back to the community, in whatever capacity, is a vital responsibility of any technologist who utilizes open source. Eric believes in the value of Universal JavaScript and its ability to empower people and organizations with faster development cycles at any scale demand. As such, he currently enjoys utilizing the following technologies and leading teams in using these technologies to create disruptive digital products or provide value for their industries: ◆ React ◆ React Native ◆ Node.js ◆ Redis ◆ MongoDB ◆ PostgreSQL ◆ Webpack ◆ Git/GitHub Eric is currently a Digital Architect for Appirio Digital Studios and primarily leads delivery teams in full-stack and mobile engagements using the React and Node ecosystems.

Approved Sessions

  1. REST in Peace: The Rise of GraphQL

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