Brian Hall

Chief Minion

Nebbia Technology

Brian Hall

Twitter: @Hallmanac



Bio: Brian Hall is a former Marine, father of 2 beautiful daughters, and a lucky husband to a beautiful wife who, despite Brian’s best efforts, has stuck with him since 2003. He began dabbling in software engineering in 2009 when he was attempting to automate some 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software that he used for his day job. After he released a moderately successful open-sourced plugin for Autodesk Inventor (a 3D parametric modeling program), he was hooked and decided to make a career transition. Today he works as the Chief Minion for Nebbia Technology where he develops using technologies such as C#, Asp.Net MVC, JavaScript, TypeScript, all manner of backend architectures, and many features of the puffy Azure cloud. He can be found on Twitter @Hallmanac or spotted at a ONETUG meeting (Orlando .NET User Group).

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  1. Getting Started With Redis on Asp.Net

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