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Rajiv Menon

Twitter: @rajtv

Website: informulate.com

Blog: informulate.com/blog

Bio: Rajiv Menon is an entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor. He is the Founder at Informulate - a unique technical consultancy that uses Lean Startup and Agile methodologies to help clients identify and execute high RoI initiatives. In 2014, he founded Talent4Startups.org - a free, non-profit portal for startup founders to collaborate with students and professionals. In 2016, he launched Lean Brigade - a consortium of service providers that are united by their passion for Lean Startup and customer impact. He is the founding organizer of the Lean Startup Orlando group. He mentors through events and accelerators - notably VentureScaleUp, RallyMakers, and Lean Startup Machine. Through workshops and talks, he engages teams by defining their challenges, equipping them with tools, and provoking them to action. Rajiv enjoys consulting on challenges that intersect business and technology - validating value creation models, understanding user behavior, and spurring teams to come up with creative solutions to problems. He helps teams simplify business needs, define baseline metrics for effectiveness, and plan for innovation. He has worked with diverse, remote teams to deliver multi-million dollar software solutions while building culture. He has served in a variety of technical and management roles in organizations from Fortune 500 companies to pre-funding startups that span the spectrum of scale, technology, and types of teams. He shares his ideas via www.informulate.com/blog and @rajTV

Community Awards/MVP: Mentor at RallyMakers, VentureScaleUp. Orlando Chamber of Commerce Sponsor Member.

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  1. Agile/Lean - What your team is doing wrong

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