Title: How to stress a web application using Jmeter

Delvis  Echeverria
Delvis Echeverria

How to stress a web application using Jmeter
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A well-designed web application isn’t about how easy it is to use or how elegant it looks. An aspect often overlooked is the web performance. Web apps need to respond quickly to requests from users and this means optimizing your site with performance in mind. Most performance problems revolve around speed, response time, load time and poor scalability. Performance testing is done to make sure an app runs fast enough to keep a user's attention and interest. The presentation begins by describing a foundational understanding of Performance Testing and JMeter. The second part teaches you how JMeter is used to execute load and stress testing on web applications. The session will help attenders in running load and stress testing using a web sample application to explain issues that include test script recording, parameterizing, correlation of dynamic values, regular expressions, assertions, controllers, results analysis, and basic issues about monitor performance testing.
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Scripting, Performance Testing, Jmeter
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